Top Five Places for Property Investment in Dubai

Just after 2012 recovery, Dubai has become one of the famous lands for real estate explosion. It’s a land where you cannot resist putting off your eyes from super natural and magnificent structures, which have set a benchmark in infrastructural development on the planet.

However, apart from the commercial development, analysts have found Dubai to be one of the lucrative spots for residential investments as well. The moment you start talking about such a topic, only few places like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah strike your mind, but the matter of fact is that there are other numerous places, which are still aloof from discussion. But still, these places can be a vital ground for investment and show wonderful results. These are the places, which are not so hyped and usually underrated, but now it’s time to undercover them and give enthusiasts from the real estate industry few more opportunities to expand their income.

Following are top 5 underrated locations from Dubai, which are worth for investing


An amalgam mixture of retail and urban showcase, where the Mall of Emirates stands at the prime vicinity and the Mall of World is under construction and soon will stand up as a pride of Tecom just opposite to the Sheikh Jayed Road! However, the current police academy will relocate after the opening of the malls. The location is a perfect blend of retail, entertainment and hospitality junctions.

Downtown Jebel Ali, Zone 1

Just in front of Jafza and Dubai Waterfront, it is a 11km spread classified into 4 major zones. It is not so far from Al Maktoum Airport and Expo2020 site. The zone 1 is most lucrative due to close proximity of the Jebel Ali metro station. The constructions are still under progress, but soon going to be the heart of the city.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

RTA has done concrete planning for elongating the metro lines up to well-planned area infused with technology hubs introducing many western companies and posh residential options. It is well connected to the 2020 Expo site, central Dubai and Jebel Ali.

Business Bay

The location is an icon for infrastructural development – just a stone’s throw away from DIFC and Downtown Dubai. The water connect will allow yacht to connect to the Business Bay from the sea and will be replicating Dubai Marina in short period of time.


It’s heart is going to be the City Centre Me’aisem Mall, which is under construction by MAF. It’s going to be a significant retail and commercial place and one of the best places to invest in Dubai.

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