Latest Home Trends of 2013

Whether you are offering past customer suggestions or staging houses, here are latest designs, which will really have a good impact in the years to come. Got bored of what was used in the past or need some help for your house decoration? This guide will outline the 6 trends, which will bring new life or living space.

The features and materials can be used in interesting and different methods this year. The design theme actually depends on how long the current owners are going to stay there and how it would change their next buyer’s or shopper’s tastes. Being a house owner, you need to have some style preference and requirements, which are more influential in today’s world. You can make use of the following design changes to make greater inroads.

Smarter Controls

Life has almost become something of robotic style and there is no surprise when people demand for automated controls. With lives rolling to be hectic, costs of the automated tools have also come down, which means now controlling a house’s system has become more affordable. Be it lighting, security, temperature, or electronics, people want to control it from a single device or tool, like iPod, iPad, or other smartphones. It would avoid multiple controls, helping owners handle many things at a time, using a single resource, whether they are at home or outside.

Vegetable Gardens and Outdoor Kitchens

Food preparation is also seeing some interesting turns and many new innovative things are yet to come, in the form of simple grill design or elaborated built-in cooking system with refrigerator, storage, sink, pizza oven, countertops, and beer tap. Hybrid grill system will allow people to cook using gas and charcoal or wood of their choice. With an outdoor kitchen, people even want a garden for cultivating plants of their preference, such as herbs, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes, which also depend on the area’s climate and soil.

Outdoor Living Room

The trend of screened porches and outdoor living style started a couple of years ago and it would continue even this year; people have started to think much beyond decks and terraces. Home owners want these spaces to do the same function or feeling of an indoor room, with better curtains, furnishings, televisions, curtains, and audio systems. To have greater privacy, spaces are designed as courtyards, with energy-smart glass windows and high efficiency doors.

New Color and Neutrals Pop

People still want their house to look neutral than vibrant. These neutral shades are not similar to beiges, creams, and white; these can be gray-blue that works well with popular purples and blues, offering a fresh background. Other combinations, like raspberry-pink attracts many than a simple red and other trend of yellow and orange accents.

Warming Grey

Sophisticated and long-lasting grey is the latest trend of modern interiors. Since it can be combined with organic based shades, such as oranges, greens, red, and yellow, it is chosen by many for more vibrant effect. Even many realty agents or market experts, like John D Wood Letting Agents say that neutral grey add a sense of gracefulness.

Stylish Bathroom

It was long ago, when people used to check out only living rooms, but now things have dramatically changed and homeowners or buyers want to have a stylish bathroom.  They want bath area to serve multiple functions, such as bathing, sleeping, and unwinding.

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