Month: August 2017

Invest in Dubai

From 1990, Dubai came into the limelight of the media due to supremacy in oil business. It is called the power oil repository of the industry and we all know what the effect of the oil is in our day to day life. So, you can easily understand the power of the city. To give […]

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus Property

Those who think of Cyprus think of the financial and banking crisis in 2013 with banks over-extended and public finances in the red. However, the truth is that the fears that most people had regarding Cyprus never materialized. The country has bounced back with positive changes, building on trust, introducing new structural measures and sweeping […]


Latest Home Trends of 2013 Whether you are offering past customer suggestions or staging houses, here are latest designs, which will really have a good impact in the years to come. Got bored of what was used in the past or need some help for your house decoration? This guide will outline the 6 trends, […]

The International Finance Corporation Is Planning to Invest in Tata Cleantech Capital

International Finance Corporation plans to invest in Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd. IFC’s plan is to invest in TCCL’s green bond issue. This would help the company expand their long term infrastructure funding, which is also environment friendly. The money that is going to be raised through green bonds will be used towards financing projects, which […]

Campaign-Finance Fine-tunes Can Resolve Many Big Issues

The general public of the United States has recently observed the most expensive central voting in the long history of America. It has been reported that an estimated amount of almost $6-billion American dollars was actually spent on the 2012 United States Presidential election process. At present, those one-sided moods have nearly calmed down, and […]

IMF and Finance Ministers of the Euro Zone Arrive At a Deal on Bailout Terms for Greek

Finance Ministers of the European region, and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) mended their disparities over a new bailout for the zone’s 15th largest economy, Greece, early Nov 27th 2012 Tuesday with a series of actions taking closer the discharge of long-deferred emergency financial assistance. The groups arrived at the agreement after their 3rd gathering in past […]